The Parker Fundation

Arts and Culture


Angkor Dance Troupe, Inc.

$30,000 as a second-year grant in support of the dance troupe’s three-year strategic growth plan.  (Total support of $70,000 to date, with projected additional $20,000 in 2018.)

A Brush with History, Inc.

d/b/a The Brush Art Gallery and Studios

$10,000 in startup support for an arts therapy program to be implemented at Megan’s House, a recovery home in Lowell for young women battling addiction.

Cultural Organization of Lowell

$10,000 in inaugural support of Creaticity: Lowell Art and Maker Festival, to be held in Downtown Lowell in September 2017.

Emerson College

Boston, MA

$15,000 for ArtsEmerson’s Cambodian Festival, showcasing Cambodian film and performance art, with a special emphasis on outreach to Lowell. (Projected additional support of $10,000 in 2017.)

Lowell Festival Foundation

$25,000 in second-year support toward the salary of a development director, to raise outside support for the Lowell Folk Festival and Lowell Summer Music Series.  (Total project support of $100,000, 2016-17.)


Subtotal Arts and Culture:  $90,000

Percentage of total:  16%

Community and Economic Development


Jericho Road Project, Inc.

$10,000 in continued support for Jericho Road and its consulting services for Lowell nonprofits.

Subtotal Community and Economic Development:  $10,000

Percentage of total: 2%


Development of Philanthropy

Aaron’s Presents, Inc.

$10,000 in second-year support of the new organization and its work in engaging Lowell children in charitable activities of their own design. (Total support of $25,000, 2016-17.)


Subtotal Development of Philanthropy:  $10,000

Percentage of total:  2%




Budget Buddies, Inc.

$15,000 to support expansion of financial literacy training programs for women and girls in Lowell.   (Total startup support of $45,000, 2012-17.)

Discovering Justice

Boston, MA

$20,000 in continued expansion support to bring the Discovering Justice civics curriculum to Lowell elementary and middle school students (Total project support of $72,000, 2011-17.)

Generation Citizen, Inc.

Boston, MA

$15,000 in second-year support for Generation Citizen and its civics curriculum for students at Lowell High School. (Total startup support of $30,000, 2016-17.)

History Unerased, Inc.

$10,000 in startup support for History Unerased and its Voice and Empowerment: K-12 LGBTQ Academic Inquiry Series program.

Institute for Nonprofit Practice

Needham, MA

$15,000 to provide scholarship assistance to smaller-scale nonprofit organizations in Lowell.  (Total project support of $45,000, 2013-17.)

Project LEARN, Inc.

$46,000 for this educational support organization to hire of a program officer.  (Total startup support of $226,000, 2014-17.)

UTEC, Inc.

$50,000 in second-year support for the development of a child care program serving UTEC participants and their children.  (Total project support of $125,000 2016-17, with projected additional support of $25,000 in 2018.)


Subtotal Education:  $156,000

Percentage of total:  30%




Casa Esperanza, Inc.

Roxbury, MA

$20,000 in startup support for the provision of clinical stabilization services at Tewksbury State Hospital for individuals recovering from addiction.

Filmmakers Collaborative, Inc.

San Francisco, CA

$5,000 in startup support for Met(ta), a documentary film showcasing integrative, cultural competent health care at the Metta Health Center in Lowell and the Street Level Health Project in Oakland.

Health Law Advocates, Inc.

Boston, MA

$50,000 in support of the organization’s Mental Health Advocacy Project for Kids in Lowell.

Lowell Community Health Center, Inc.

$140,000 in final capital support for the Health Center’s campaign for a new building. (Total support of $1 million, 2010-17.)


Subtotal Health:  $195,000

Percentage of total: 38%

Human Services


Christ Church United in Lowell

$25,000 in continued support for the Church’s emergency assistance program for Lowell individuals in need, as encouraged by will of Theodore Edson Parker.

Lowell Humane Society

$15,000 in support for the establishment of a veterinary clinic at the Humane Society.

Operation Delta Dog, Inc.

Chelmsford, MA

$20,000 to provide service dog support to Lowell veterans.


Subtotal Human Services:  $60,000

Percentage of total:  11%




Associated Grant Makers

Boston, MA


Subtotal Memberships:  $5,000

Percentage of total:  1


Total Grants January-March 2017:   $561,000