The Parker Foundation

Human Services

Acre Family Child Care

$100,000 in first-year capital support to purchase a new building.

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell

$100,000 in second-year support for the Believe & Become capital campaign to upgrade and expand its facility.

Budget Buddies

$15,000 to support financial literacy programs in Lowell for adult and teen women.

The Center for Hope and Healing, Inc.

$50,000 in capital support to renovate and furnish a space for youth programming in its new building.

Central Food Ministry

$5,000 to complete the purchase of a new van to transport food.

Christ Church United in Lowell

$12,500 for the Parish Relief program, which provides emergency financial assistance to Lowell residents.

Coalition for a Better Acre

$30,000 for its new Walk-In Center at 450 Merrimack Street in downtown Lowell.

Communities for Restorative Justice – Thrive Communities of Massachusetts

$15,000 in first-year funding to hire a new part-time volunteer coordinator to support adults exiting incarceration.

Community Teamwork, Inc.

$100,000 to address basic human needs, particularly fuel and heating assistance, food insecurity, and housing insecurity.

Dwelling House of Hope

$5,000 to purchase a new van to transport food.

International Institute of New England

$50,000 for the Afghan Evacuee Support Fund to cover the full costs of providing resettlement services to at least 200 Afghan evacuees in Lowell.  

Littleton Community Farm

$10,000 to increase the farm’s capacity to produce fresh, healthful food for food insecure families in the Lowell area.

Lowell Association for the Blind

$8,500 in capital support to upgrade its equipment and software for client use.

Lowell Transitional Living Center

$35,000 in capital support to renovate the second-floor client bathrooms in the main building.

Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers (MAPS)

$50,000 in capital support to make its new building ADA-compliant.

Merrimack Valley Food Bank

$50,000 in capital support to replace the its refrigerated food truck.

Northeast Legal Aid

$50,000 for the Lowell Emergency Housing and Income Stabilization Project, which will provide eviction defense work and assistance with unemployment appeals cases. 

United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley

$50,000 for the Summer Experiences in Greater Lowell (SEGL) program.

Subtotal Human Services: $736,000

Percentage of total: 61.74%

Community and Economic Development

Coalition for a Better Acre – DIY Lowell

$10,000 in first-year support to fund the salary of a part-time director for this previously all-volunteer effort. 

Coalition for a Better Acre f/b/o Lowell Votes

$30,000 in capacity building support for civic engagement work in Lowell. 

Community Teamwork, Inc.

$50,000 to create a new position in the CTI subsidiary Common Ground Development Corporation to facilitate succession planning and new affordable housing. 

Entrepreneurship for All

$25,000 in third-year support to provide seed funding to launch businesses in Lowell (Total support $75,000, 2019-2021).

Greater Lowell Community Foundation – City of Lowell

$10,000 for the HR Audit.

Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice

$50,000 in second-year support for a coalition implementing a civic engagement and awareness campaign revolving around Lowell’s conversion to a district-based electoral system.

Subtotal Community and Economic Development: $175,000

Percentage of total: 14.68%


Fortaleza, Inc.

$75,000 in first-year start-up support to launch a Latinx education advocacy organization in Lowell.

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

$20,000 in first-year support to continue its entrepreneurship education program at Lowell High School.

Project LEARN

$100,000 in second-year support to increase the Lowell Public School’s capacity to recruit and retain teachers who reflect the student population’s cultural, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds.

Subtotal Education: $195,000

Percentage of total: 16.36%


Appalachian Mountain Club

$20,000 to engage the Lowell community in assessing and understanding mercury pollution and risk in rivers in and around Lowell.

Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

$10,000 to provide affordable and accessible veterinary services and animal care resources to pet owners in Lowell.

Subtotal Health: $30,000

Percentage of total: 2.52%

Arts and Culture

Angkor Dance Troupe

$25,000 in capacity-building support to sustain and rebuild the organization. 

Greater Lowell Community Foundation f/b/o Refuge Lowell

$25,000 in capacity-building and start-up support for an art-focused afterschool program.

Subtotal Arts and Culture: $50,000

Percentage of total: 4.19%


Philanthropy MA (Membership)


Subtotal Memberships: $6,150

Percentage of total: .51%

Total Grants 2021: $1,192,150

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