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Parker Foundation Grants 2022

Health & Human Services

Aaron’s Presents

$25,000 to expand youth outreach in Lowell.

Acre Family Child Care

$100,000 in second-year capital support to purchase a new building.

African Community Center of Lowell

$25,000 in general operating support.

Bike Connector

$10,000 in capacity building support to extend open hours at its shop.

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell

$200,000 in third- and fourth-year support for the Believe & Become capital campaign to upgrade and expand its facility.

Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association of Greater Lowell (CMAA)

$50,000 in capacity building support for its youth program and communications and development teams.

Catie’s Closet

$25,000 to expand and improve its direct program support for low-income youth in Lowell.

The Center for Hope and Healing, Inc.

$20,000 to support leadership programming for Black girls and young adults.

Christ Church United in Lowell

$15,000 for the Parish Relief program, which provides emergency financial assistance to Lowell residents.

Communities for Restorative Justice f/b/o Thrive Communities of Massachusetts

$15,000 in second-year funding for a new part-time volunteer coordinator to support adults exiting incarceration.

Community Teamwork

$50,000 to address basic human needs, particularly fuel and heating assistance, food insecurity, and housing insecurity.

Dwelling House of Hope

$25,000 for a community kitchen for displaced individuals in public housing.

Eliot Presbyterian Church

$40,000 for a day center to support those who are homeless.

Greater Lowell Community Foundation

$20,000 for the Moody Street Flood Relief Fund to support impacted residents.

Greater Lowell Family YMCA

$75,000 in capital support for renovations and upgrades of the basketball gym, parking lot, and

YMCA signage.

Lowell Youth Leadership Program

$10,000 for a four-week summer camp at Greater Lowell Technical High School.

Mill City Grows

$50,000 for community gardening programming.

One Can Help

$20,000 to provide resources to vulnerable children and families for overcoming poverty.

Project Citizenship

$30,000 for citizenship services in Lowell and the surrounding area.

United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley

$50,000 for the Summer Experiences in Greater Lowell (SEGL) program.

Subtotal Human Services: $855,000

Percentage of total: 56.11%

Community and Economic Development

Greater Lowell Community Foundation

$25,000 for its endowment commemorating its 25th anniversary.

Greater Lowell Community Foundation

$112,500 in first-year support to establish and maintain the Newell Flather Legacy Fund, which will support organizations focused on the arts, immigrant and refugee communities, and advancing equity and inclusion.


$20,000 to support Lowell-based leaders in the LEAD Network, which builds leaders’ capacity to run more effective businesses and organizations.

Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership

$75,000 to build the capacity of its affordable homeownership program.

Subtotal Community and Economic Development: $232,500

Percentage of total: 15.22%


Discovering Justice

$20,00 to support Mock Trial and Mock Appeal afterschool programs for middle school students in Lowell.


$50,000 in second-year start-up support to launch a Latinx education advocacy organization in Lowell.

Jumpstart for Young Children, Inc.

$25,000 for its early education work with children in Lowell.

Kids in Tech

$50,000 in second-year support for capacity-building efforts to sustain and expand afterschool computer technology clubs.

Lowell Community Charter Public School

$25,000 for its out-of-school-time program.

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

$10,000 to teach entrepreneurship at Lowell High School.

Project LEARN

$75,000 in third-year support to increase the Lowell Public School’s capacity to recruit and retain teachers who reflect the student population’s cultural, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds.

Subtotal Education: $255,000

Percentage of total: 17%

Arts and Culture

Angkor Dance Troupe

$25,000 in capacity-building support to sustain and rebuild the organization.

Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston

$100,000 for the down payment to purchase Western Avenue Studios & Lofts.

Greater Lowell Community Foundation f/b/o Free Soil Arts Collective

$50,000 in first-year support to create opportunities for artists of color in the Greater Lowell area.

Subtotal Arts and Culture: $175,000

Percentage of total: 11.5%


Philanthropy MA (Membership)


Subtotal Memberships: $6,275

Percentage of total: 0.5%

Total Grants 2022: $1,523,775

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