The Parker Foundation

Mini-Grants 2024

Generation Citizen

$5,000 to support Action Civics education program in Lowell Public Schools.

by Annie Powell

$5,000 for their pop-up exhibitions and events in Lowell showcasing Annie Powell’s work.

The Cervitude Coalition

$7,500 towards funding their downtown Lowell community clinic for mental and holistic health care.

Project Play2Learn

$5,000 in support of sustainable, enjoyable English Language Learning at home for newcomers.

Lowell Southeast Asian Water Festival

$7,500 to support the 2024 Lowell Water Festival

Image Theater

$5,000 to support local artists performing at Lost Cellphone Weekend.

The Lowell WinterFest

$5,000 for children’s games and activities at the 2024 WinterFest.

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