The Parker Foundation

Health & Human Services

African Community Center of Lowell
$25,000 in general operating support.

The Center for Hope and Healing, Inc.
$20,000 to support leadership programming for Black girls and young adults.

Greater Lowell Family YMCA
$75,000 in capital support for renovations and upgrades of the basketball gym, parking lot, and YMCA signage.

Eliot Presbyterian Church
$40,000 for a day center to support those who are homeless.

Mill City Grows
$50,000 for community gardening programming.

Project Citizenship
$30,000 for citizenship services in Lowell and the surrounding area.

Subtotal Human Services: $240,000
Percentage of total: 32%

Community and Economic Development

Greater Lowell Community Foundation
$100,000 in first-year support to establish and maintain the Newell Flather Legacy Fund, which will support organizations focused on the arts, immigrant and refugee communities, and advancing equity and inclusion.

Greater Lowell Community Foundation
$12,500 to initiate grantmaking from the Newell Flather Legacy Fund in 2022.

Subtotal Community and Economic Development: $137,500
Percentage of total: 19%


Discovering Justice
$20,00 to support Mock Trial and Mock Appeal afterschool programs for middle school students in Lowell.

Jumpstart for Young Children, Inc.
$25,000 for its early education work with children in Lowell.

Kids in Tech
$50,000 in second-year support for capacity-building efforts to sustain and expand afterschool computer technology clubs.

Lowell Community Charter Public School
$25,000 for its out-of-school-time program.

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship
$10,000 to teach entrepreneurship at Lowell High School.

Project LEARN
$75,000 in third-year support to increase the Lowell Public School’s capacity to recruit and retain teachers who reflect the student population’s cultural, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds.

Subtotal Education: $205,000
Percentage of total: 28%

Arts and Culture

Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston
$100,000 for the down payment to purchase Western Avenue Studios & Lofts.

Greater Lowell Community Foundation f/b/o Free Soil Arts Collective
$50,000 in first-year support to create opportunities for artists of color in the Greater Lowell area

Subtotal Arts and Culture: $150,000
Percentage of total: 20%


Philanthropy MA (Membership)


Subtotal Memberships: $6,275

Percentage of total: 1%

Total Grants Spring 2022: $738,775

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