The Parker Foundation

Arts and Culture

A Brush With History
d/b/a Brush Art Gallery & Studios
$15,000 for capacity building, including support for a collaboration with CTI’s YouthBuild of Greater Lowell program

American Textile History Museum
$15,000 in capital support for upgrading the museum’s technology systems

Christ Church United in Lowell
$15,000 to Christ Church United in support of the new youth arts program, Making Art with Artists, as supervised by Lowell artist Meredith Fife Day

First United Baptist Church
$10,000 for repairs to the historic bell tower at the 1826 First United Baptist Church in Lowell

Middlesex Community College
$37,000 for a project centered on preserving Cambodian classical music in Lowell, undertaken in collaboration with Lowell Public Schools, UMass Lowell, and the Angkor Dance Troupe

Subtotal Arts and Culture: $92,000
Percentage of total: 8


Community and Economic Development

Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association
$60,000 in core operating support, to support new leadership at the agency (total grant support of $100,000, 2013-14)

Coalition for a Better Acre
$50,000 toward the cost of new development and real estate project management positions at the agency

Boston, Massachusetts
$30,000 in continued support for the organization’s work in scaling small businesses in Lowell (total support of $100,000, 2009-2014)

Jericho Road Project
$15,000 in second year support for the organization’s project to promote board diversity among nonprofit organizations in Lowell (total support of $30,000)

Lowell Community Loan Fund
d/b/a Mill Cities Community Investments
$25,000 to assist the organization as it grows its small business lending portfolio (total support of $85,000, 2010-14)

Merrimack Valley Project, Inc.
$15,000 to educate Lowell’s domestic workers and their employers about their new rights under the Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights, protection from unsafe working conditions, discrimination, and sexual harrassment, and ensuring fair hours, pay, and benefits

University of Massachusetts Lowell
$25,000 in second-year support for the Lowell Data Common and its local steering committee of nonprofit and government institutions, to launch an open-source mapping program documenting key issues of importance to Lowell (total support of $50,000, 2013-14)

University of Massachusetts Lowell
$20,000 for a planning study to analyze the Pawtucket Street corridor to identify and recommend specific improvements to foster better connection between UMass Lowell’s three campuses

YWCA of Lowell
f/b/o Mill City Grows
$40,000 in second-year support for Mill City Grows’ community gardening, food provision, and education program in Lowell (total support of $65,000, 2013-14)

Subtotal Community and Economic Development: $280,000
Percentage of total: 24



Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lowell
$20,000 in salary support for a formalized Education Department at the Boys and Girls Club

Greater Lowell Community Foundation
$20,000 for improvements to the foundation’s scholarship program for high school students in Lowell

Greater Lowell Community Foundation
$100,000 for the Tom Leggat Youth Opportunities Fund at the Greater Lowell Community Foundation, an endowed fund established in honor of Thomas E. Leggat, to provide annual awards to identified Lowell students recognized as having great unrealized leadership potential

Jumpstart for Young Children
Boston, Massachusetts
$30,000 in second-round support for Jumpstart Lowell to increase the number of children served by the Lowell program

Let’s Get Ready
Boston, Massachusetts
$20,000 in support of college prep and retention work with Lowell students

Project LEARN
via Greater Lowell Community Foundation
$60,000 in support of Project LEARN, a strategic initiative to raise private dollars for the benefit of the Lowell Public Schools (projected additional challenge grant support of $90,000 in 2015-16)

Subtotal Education: $250,000
Percentage of total: 22



Lowell Community Health Center
$140,000 as the second installment of a five-year, $700,000 grant toward their capital campaign for the new health center facility (total commitment of $1 million, projected additional support of $420,000)

Lucy’s Love Bus Charitable Trust
$10,000 to provide integrative health therapy to Lowell children diagnosed with cancer

Subtotal Health: $150,000
Percentage of total: 13



House of Hope Housing, Inc.
$25,000 in capital support for a new heating system for the organization’s Lakeview Avenue housing property in Lowell

Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers
Cambridge, Massachusetts
$15,000 for a feasibility study for the creation of affordable assisted living units for elderly Portuguese speakers in Massachusetts, including those living in Lowell

Subtotal Housing: $40,000
Percentage of total: 3


Human Services

Christ Church United in Lowell
$25,000 for emergency financial assistance to Lowell residents, including parishioners of Christ Church, as established by the will of Theodore Edson Parker

Community Servings
Boston, Massachusetts
$25,000 in support of the organization’s food delivery program for critically ill home-bound individuals in Lowell (total project support of $40,000, 2011-2014)

Community Teamwork Inc.
$10,000 to provide immediate support for food and other out-of-pocket expenses for survivors of the Branch Street Fire, which occurred in Lowell in July 2014

International Institute of New England
International Institute of Lowell
$30,000 for the organization’s refugee and immigrant clinic in Lowell

Juvenile Court Restorative Justice Diversion
$30,000 in capacity-building support for the organization’s work in Lowell, to provide alternative sentencing program for first-time juvenile offenders

Lowell Transitional Living Center
$20,000 in support of stipends for a new employment initiative for shelter residents

Open Pantry of Greater Lowell
$30,000 in capital support toward the purchase of a new food delivery truck for the pantry

Pawtucket Congregational Church
$25,000 in capital support for the new Kay’s Lunch Program, a church-based program offering free lunch to hungry families and individuals

via Justice Resource Institute
Waltham, Massachusetts
$25,000 in startup support for the YouthHarbors program at Lowell High School, serving homeless and formerly homeless students attending the school

United Teen Equality Center
$25,000 in second-year funding to support expansion of the organization’s social enterprise programs for youth in Lowell (total support of $100,000 2013-14)

United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley
$89,500 two grants in support of the Summer Experiences camping program for Lowell youth ($50,000 in challenge support for 2013, $39,500 in 2014)

Subtotal Human Services: $334,500
Percentage of total: 29



Associated Grant Makers
Boston, MA

Council on Foundations
Arlington, VA

Subtotal Memberships: $8,094
Percentage of total: 1


Total Grants, January-December 2014:


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