The Parker Fundation

Arts and Culture

911 Electronic Media Arts, Incorporated
d/b/a 119 Gallery

$10,000 in support for a paid coordinator position for the small, volunteer-led gallery.

911 Electronic Media Arts
d/b/a 119 Gallery
f/b/o Lowell Jazz Day Camp

$10,000 in support for the Lowell Jazz Day Camp, a music education program for young people from Lowell.

American Textile History Museum, Inc.
$50,000 in continued support for a $3.9 capital campaign for renovations and operating support for the Museum. ($400,000 paid 2008-2011, with projected additional support of $100,000.)

Lowell Art Association
d/b/a Whistler House Museum of Art

$35,000 in release of challenge grant support for exterior renovations of the Whistler House, the birth-place of James Abbott McNeill Whistler (1834-1903).

Merrimack Repertory Theatre, Inc.
$30,000 as last-dollar support for capital improvements for the theatre’s lobby and audience space at Liberty Hall, a $675,000 campaign supported by local donors, the City of Lowell, and the national Kresge Foundation.

Middlesex Community College Foundation
$30,000 in capital support for the building of a “smokeless” kiln under the direction of master ceramist Yary Lin, a project undertaken by the community college in collaboration with Lowell National Historical
Park and Lowell Public Schools.

New England Electric Railway Historical Society
d/b/a Seashore Trolley Museum

Kennebunk, Maine
$47,500 to support for the creation of a mobile trolley exhibit, as part of a citywide effort t to bring extended light railway service to Lowell.

The Revolving Museum
$30,000 toward the salary of a new executive director for the youth-centered Revolving
Museum in Lowell. (Projected additional support of $30,000 in 2012.)

University of Massachusetts Foundation
f/b/o Dickens in Massachusetts Exhibit

$25,000 for coordination of the 2012 Dickens in Massachusetts exhibit ($10,000) and for a citywide
mini-grants program engaging nonprofits throughout Lowell ($15,000). (Total project support,
including 2010 grant to Lowell National Historical Park, of $50,000.)

Subtotal Arts and Culture: $267,500
Percentage of Total: 27

Community and Economic Development
Community Teamwork, Inc.

Lowell Small Business Assistance Center
$30,000 as release of a challenge grant for the establishment of a loan pool, as a first step for receiving federal designation and capital funding as a Small Business Administration Microloan Intermediary.

Community Teamwork, Inc.
New Entry Sustainable Farming Project
$30,000 in support for a mobile poultry processing plant serving local participants in the New Entry Farming program.

Lowell Community Loan Fund
d/b/a Mill Cities Community Investments

$25,000 in continued startup support for Mill Cities Community Investments, a US Treasury-supported community development financial institute offering second mortgages to residents in Lowell and the Merrimack Valley. (Total project support of $85,000, 2008-2011).

Subtotal Community and Economic Development: $85,000
Percentage of Total: 9


Build the Out of School Time Network
Boston, MA
$30,000 for the Lowell component of a statewide initiative to prevent summer learning loss. The Lowell project served 120 children in grades K-3 participating in programs operated by Girls Inc. and the Pawtucket and Bailey public schools.

The Discovery Museums, Inc.
Acton, MA
$15,000 for educational programming for home-based child care providers in the Acre Family Day Care network in Lowell, as local matching support toward a large grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Greater Lowell Community Foundation, Inc.
$10,000 in planning support for the establishment the Lowell Educational Alliance Resource Network, a coalition of business and school representatives dedicated to raising private support for the Lowell Public Schools.

James D. St. Clair Education Project of the Boston Bar Foundation, Inc.
d/b/a Discovering Justice

Boston, MA
$20,000 to bring the “Children Discovering Justice” civics curriculum to Lowell, serving all first-through-fourth-grade students in the public school system. (Projected additional support of $20,000 in 2012).

Let’s Get Ready, Inc.
$10,000 to bring the Let’s Get Ready’s college preparation services to Lowell High School, to be staffed by volunteer student coaches from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Lowell Community Charter School Friends, Inc.
$25,000 for expansion of an afterschool homework and recreational program for students at the Lowell Community Charter Public School.

Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter School, Inc.
$10,000 for curriculum redesign and teacher training at the alternative high school, as part of an effort to improve student performance and retention rates.

Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust, Inc.
$20,000 in support of summer and after-school environmental education programming for Lowell children.

Lowell Public Schools
Lowell Center for Adult Education

$15,000 in planning support to allow the Center to coordinate and standardize its health education curriculum for Lowell adults.

Troubadour, Inc.
$20,000 as release of challenge support for a poetry and songwriting program serving children and
Teachers at the McAvinnue Elementary School in Lowell. (Total support of $65,000, 2007-2011.)

Subtotal Education: $175,000
Percentage of Total: 18


Lowell House, Inc.
$20,000 in capital support for the purchase of a sober housing facility for women.

Lowell Transitional Living Center
$10,000 in support of the organization’s “winter protocol” program in 2011-12, offering emergency housing to individuals who fail to meet the shelter’s normal sobriety requirements.

Subtotal Housing: $30,000
Percentage of Total: 3

Human Services

Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence, Inc.
Boston, MA

$10,000 in continued support for a legal advocacy program for survivors of domestic violence in Lowell, to complement a program seed-funded by the Massachusetts Bar Foundation. (Total project support of $25,000, 2010-2011.)

Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association of Greater Lowell, Inc.
$50,000 to support key staffing positions at the agency during a time of leadership transition. (Additional challenge support of $25,000 projected for 2012.)

Christ Church United in Lowell
$20,000 in emergency financial support for Lowell residents and for parishioners of Christ Church
United, in accordance with the will of Theodore Edson Parker.

Community Servings, Inc.
$15,000 for expansion of a nutritionally tailored meals program for critically ill, homebound
residents of Lowell.

Girls Incorporated of Greater Lowell
$50,000 for renovations to create space for a program serving older girls in Lowell.

Lowell Community Health Center, Inc.
$100,000 toward the $5 million private portion of a capital budget for the health center’s new facility in Lowell. ($200,000 paid in 2010-2011, with additional $100,000 projected as last-dollar support.)

Lowell Wish Project, Inc.
d/b/a The Wish Project

$20,000 for expansion of the organization’s Emergency Support Program, providing basic household items for families in need.

Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers
Cambridge, Massachusetts
$15,000 for a domestic violence prevention project engaging lay-leadership from local Portuguese-speaking churches. Total project support of $35,000, 2007, 2011.)

United Teen Equality Center
$25,000 for the implementation of a new intake and case management service for young people served by the youth drop-in center.

United Way of Massachusetts Bay and the Merrimack Valley, Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts
$25,0000 for the United Way’s Summer Experiences in Greater Lowell, a combined grants program for nonprofits offering summer camping opportunities to local young people.

Subtotal Human Services: $325,000
Percentage of total: 33

Promotion of Philanthropy

Associated Grant Makers, Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts
$11,000 for a special research and convening project documenting philanthropic resources in the Merrimack Valley.

The Jericho Road Project, Inc.
Concord, Massachusetts
$20,000 for a board recruitment and training project to place corporate employees on nonprofit boards in Lowell.

Root Cause
Social Innovation Forum
Cambridge, Massachusetts
$5,000 in planning support, leading to the possible establishment of a Lowell funding track for the Social Innovation Forum.

Third Sector New England, Inc.
The Inclusion Initiative
Boston, Massachusetts
$25,000 for a research and consulting project to promote more diverse representation among Lowell’s
nonprofit boards.

Subtotal Promotion of Philanthropy: $61,000
Percentage of total: 6

Membership Organizations

Associated Grant Makers, Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts

Association of Small Foundations
Washington, DC

Council on Foundations, Inc.
Arlington, Virginia

Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees
Sebastopol, California

Neighborhood Funders Group
Washington, DC

Subtotal Membership Organizations: 10,019
Percentage of Total: 1

Program-Related Investment

The Gardner Group, Inc.
New York, New York
$25,000 as a no-interest loan for production of the documentary film “Child Soldier,” chronicling the early life of Sayon Soeun, a Khmer Rouge survivor and Lowell nonprofit leader. (Projected repayment, 2013-2014)

Percentage of Total: 3

TOTAL GRANTS and Program-Related Investments 2011: $978,519

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