The Parker Foundation

Arts and Culture

A Brush with History, Inc.
d/b/a Brush Art Gallery and Studios
$15,000 in support of  a Lowell Photography Weekend, a multi-venue exhibition of photography by local and national photographers scheduled to take place in Lowell in 2013.

American Textile History Museum, Inc.
$100,000 in final support for the museum’s $3.9 million capital campaign for renovations and operating reserves.  An additional $750 was allocated toward the museum’s 2012 annual fundraising event, to underwrite admission for representatives from nonprofit organizations in Greater Lowell.  (Total campaign support of $500,000, 2008-2011.)

Cultural Organization of Lowell: Sculpture
$25,000 in support of a major sculptural installation at Point Park in the Hamilton Canal District in Lowell, featuring the work of sculptor Nancy Selvage.

Cultural Organization of Lowell
f/b/o Portuguese Colonial Band/Leite Concert Winds
$10,000 in support of a recording project preserving band music by Portuguese composers and celebrating the legacy of the Portuguese Colonial Band, which was active in Lowell from 1940-65.

Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth, Inc.
$5,000 grant in support of a “Creative Placemaking” conference held in Lowell centered on the value of arts in economic development and convening representatives from leading gateway cities in Massachusetts.

Merrimack Repertory Theatre, Inc.
$40,000 for expansion of development capacity, to facilitate the theatre’s expansion to Worcester, Massachusetts.

New England Quilt Museum
$45,000 as release of challenge support to underwrite a paid curator’s position and for various activities celebrating the museum’s 25th anniversary year.

University of Massachusetts Foundation
f/b/o Dickens in Massachusetts Exhibit
$10,000 for promotion of  “Dickens in Massachusetts,” an exhibit curated by the University of Massachusetts and Lowell National Historical Park, coinciding with the bicentennial of the author’s birth and commemorating his 1842 visit to Massachusetts. (Total project support of $60,000, 2010-12.)

Subtotal Arts and Culture: $250,750
Percentage of Total: 29

Community and Economic Development

Interise, Inc.
$25,000 in continued support of consulting services promoting growth of small businesses in Greater Lowell.  (Total project support of $70,000, 2009-12.)

Jericho Road Lawrence, Inc.
$5,000 in support of a project to ensure diverse representation on boards of Lawrence nonprofit organizations, involving ten Lawrence organizations, a steering committee of professionals of color, and a pool of new board members placed by the program.

Lowell Community Loan Fund, Inc.
d/b/a Mill Cities’ Community Investments
$15,000 in continued start-up support for this new community development financial institution, serving first-time homebuyers and smalls businesses in the Merrimack Valley. (Total startup support of $105,000, 2008-12.)

Lowell Heritage Partnership
$35,500 to support a community planning process to ensure the continued relevance of the Lowell National Historical Park’s Mogan Cultural Center to all residents of the city.

The Lowell Plan, Inc.
$25,000 for Public Matters, a training program for emerging leaders in Lowell undertaken by the Lowell Plan in collaboration with Lowell National Historical Park. (Total project support of $45,000, 2009-12.)

University of Massachusetts Foundation, Inc.
f/b/o University of Massachusetts Lowell Center for Work, Family and Community
$25,000 in support of the Lowell Asthma Coalition, a communitywide effort to reduce the prevalence of asthma among Lowell residents.

Subtotal Community and Economic Development:  $130,500
Percentage of Total:  15


Budget Buddies, Inc.
$15,000 in start-up support for the organization and its delivery of financial literacy training for low-income women in Lowell.

James D. St. Clair Education Project of the Boston Bar Foundation, Inc.
d/b/a Discovering Justice
Boston, MA
$20,000 in second-year support for implementation of the organization’s “Children Discovering Justice” civics curriculum  to Lowell, serving all first-through-fourth-grade students in the Lowell Public Schools. (Total project support of $40,000, 2011-12.)

JFY NetWorks
$25,000 for a project to offer training on the Accuplacer placement test (required of all students attending New England state colleges) for juniors and seniors at Lowell High School.

Jumpstart for Young Children, Inc.
$20,000 in support of Jumpstart’s expansion to the Merrimack Valley, to provide high-quality early education experiences for low-income children in Lowell.

Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust, Inc.
$20,000 in support of summer and after-school environmental education programming for Lowell children, a project undertaken in collaboration with the Massachusetts Audubon Society.  (Total project support of $40,000, 2011-12.)

Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth, Inc.
$15,000 to support MassINC’s new Gateway Cities Institute, a collaborative effort to create an education reform strategy in the state’s secondary or gateway cities including Lowell.

Raising a Reader Massachusetts, Inc.
$25,000 in support of the organization’s early literacy work with Lowell children and their families.

Subtotal Education:  $140,000
Percentage of Total: 16


D’Youville Senior Care Foundation, Inc.
$25,000 in capital support for a new affordable assisted living residence on the D’Youville campus, the first of its kind in Lowell.

Merrimack River Valley House, Inc.
$25,000  in capital support toward an updated safety egress system for the rest home.

Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership, Inc.
$20,000 to support a community mapping project documenting first-time homebuyer properties in Lowell, and support for related technology upgrades

Subtotal Housing:  $70,000
Percentage of Total:  8

Human Services

Adolescent Consultation Services, Inc.
$25,000 to expand capacity at the organization’s clinic serving court-involved children and their families in Lowell.

Appalachian Mountain Club
$15,000 in continued support for expansion of the Youth Opportunities Program, which works with local youth agencies to provide camping opportunities for young people in Lowell.  (Total project support of $45,000, 2010-12.)

Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association of Greater Lowell, Inc.
$25,000 to support key staffing positions at the agency during a time of leadership transition.  (Total  support of $75,000, 2011-12.)

Christ Church United in Lowell
$20,000 in emergency financial support for Lowell residents and for parishioners of Christ Church United, as instituted by the will of Theodore Edson Parker.

Horizons for Homeless Children
$5,000 to support refurbishment of the organization’s Playspace programs serving children in Lowell.

International Institute of Boston
d/b/a International Institute of New England
$40,000 in support of legal services for Lowell immigrants who are victims of intimate partner violence.

Lowell Boys Club Association
 d/b/a/ Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lowell
$25,000 to support the establishment of a music clubhouse at the Boys and Girls Club in Lowell, in collaboration with the nonprofit Music & Youth Initiative of Boston.

Lowell Community Health Center
$100,000 in continued capital support for the organization’s new health facility in Lowell.  (Support of $300,000 to date, with an additional $700,000 projected for 2013-17).

United Way of Massachusetts Bay and the Merrimack Valley, Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts
$20,000 for the United Way’s Summer Experiences in Greater Lowell, a combined grants program for for summer camps serving children in the region.   

Subtotal Human Services:  $275,000
Percentage of total:  31

Membership Organizations
Associated Grant Makers, Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts

Association of Small Foundations
Washington, DC

Council on Foundations, Inc.
Arlington, Virginia

Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees
Sebastopol, California

Subtotal Membership Organizations: $8,931
Percentage of Total:  1

TOTAL GRANTS, January-December 2012:  $875,181

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