The Parker Fundation

Arts and Culture

Arts League of Lowell
$25,000 in capital support for renovations and other expenses associated with the organization’s move to a new arts gallery in the Gates Building in downtown Lowell.

Lowell Art Association
d/b/a Whistler House Museum of Art
$25,000 for restoration to the Whistler House, and for a new summer art program serving youth in Lowell.

Proprietors of the Lowell Cemetery
$20,000 towards roof restoration for the historic cemetery’s 1887 Lawrence Street Gatehouse.

Subtotal Arts and Culture: $70,000
Percentage of Total: 7

Community and Economic Development

Coalition for a Better Acre
$25,000 in startup support for the creation of a community time bank in Lowell and the greater Merrimack Valley, to allow for sharing of the exchange of a wide variety of donated services of value to the time bank’s membership.

Jericho Road Project, Inc.
$15,000 in support of a special effort to increase board diversity among a select group of participating nonprofit organizations in Lowell.

University of Massachusetts Foundation
f/b/ University of Massachuasetts Lowell
$25,000 in start-up support for a DataCommon for Lowell, to allow city government, nonprofit organizations and any interested citizen to engage in shared data gathering and analysis on issues of importance to the city.

YWCA of Lowell
f/b/o Mill City Grows
$25,000 in startup support for Mill City Grows’s community gardening, food provision and education program in Lowell.

Subtotal Community and Economic Development: $90,000
Percentage of Total: 9


The Discovery Museums
Acton, Massachusetts
$20,000 for a a pre-kindergarten STEAM (science, technology engineering, arts, math) component to be implemented in partnership with Acre Family Child Care in Lowell.

JFYNetworks, Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts
$40,000 in second-year support for a project offering on the Accuplacer placement test (required of all students attending New England state colleges) for juniors and seniors at Lowell High School, in partnership with Lowell Public Schools and Middlesex Community College. (Total project support of $65,000, 2012-13.)

Junior Achievement of Northern New England, Inc.
Waltham, Massachusetts
$5,000 for implementation of the organization’s Skills to Achieve program at Lowell High School, providing exposure for students to a variety of business settings and career options within the greater Metropolitan Boston region.

Lowell Community Charter Public School Friends, Inc.
f/b/o Lowell Community Charter School
$30,000 in capital support for a new computer lab for the school, which serves a high percentage of linguistic minority children.

Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth
Boston, Massachusetts
$20,000 in second-year support for MassINC’s Gateway Cities Education Initiative, which has convened mayors and education officials from 14 Massachusetts cities including Lowell.

Raising A Reader MA, Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts
$20,000 in a second year of support for the organization’s early literacy programs for families in Lowell. (Total project support of $45,000, 2012-13.)

Trustees of Boston University
Institute for Nonprofit Management and Leadership
Boston, Massachusetts
$15,000 for the Institute’s North Shore program, to provide flexible scholarships for management staff from nonprofits in Lowell, with a special emphasis on diversity.

University of Massachusetts Lowell
Graduate School of Education
$30,000 to support the implementation of the national UTeach program at the Robinson and Stoklosa schools in Lowell, to provide math tutoring to middle school students in Lowell.

Subtotal Education: $180,000
Percentage of Total: 18.5


Merrimack River Watershed Council
Lawrence, Massachusetts
$35,000 in core organizational support for the organization and for its “My Merrimack Awareness Program,” a community outreach effort linking various youth constituencies in Lowell and elsewhere along the Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts.

Subtotal Environment: $35,000
Percentage of Total: 3.5


Lowell Community Health Center
$140,000 as part of a $1 million grant for the health center’s new facility in Lowell, to be named after Moses Greeley Parker. ($440,000 paid 2010-13, with projected additional support of $560,000 in 2014–17.)

Lowell House, Inc.
$35,000 to support automated record keeping and other improved administrative procedures for the organization’s ambulatory care programs serving individuals recovering from drug and alcohol dependency.

Mental Health Association of Greater Lowell
$25,000 in support the organization’s federally mandated conversion to an electronic medical records system, to support a more efficient and responsive level of patient care.

Partners Healthcare Systems, Inc.
Massachusetts General Hospital
Global Psychiatry Division
Boston, Massachusetts
$25,000 in support of a mental health training and outreach program for African immigrants, in partnership with Christ Jubilee International Ministries in Lowell.

Subtotal Health: $225,000
Percentage of Total: 23


Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell
Westford, Massachusetts
$30,000 in last dollar support for two new affordable housing projects located in the Acre neighborhood of Lowell.

Subtotal Housing: $30,000
Percentage of Total: 3

Human Services

American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts
Cambridge, Massachusetts
$5,000 as a planning grant to build the organization’s volunteer constituency in Lowell.

Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence
Boston, Massachusetts
$30,000 in challenge grant support for staffing costs at the agency’s Lowell office.

Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association
$40,000 toward the salary of a new deputy director position for the agency.

Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association
f/b/o SayDaNar Community Development Center
$15,000 in support of a new part-time coordinator position at the SayDaNar Community Development Center, to assist newly resettled Burmese immigrants in Lowell.

Catie’s Closet
$25,000 in support for the new organization and its work to provide clothing and transportation for low-income and homeless youth attending the Lowell public schools.

Christ Church United in Lowell
$20,000 in emergency financial support for Lowell residents and for parishioners of Christ Church United, as instituted by the will of Theodore Edson Parker.

Girls Incorporated of Greater Lowell
$20,000 for capital improvements to the organization’s backyard space, to support a variety of science and environmental programs.

Lowell Humane Society
$15,000 capital support toward the purchase of a new heating and cooling system.

Lowell Transitional Living Center
$15,000 toward the salary of a development director for the homeless shelter.

Plummer Home for Boys
Salem, Massachusetts
$35,000 in transitional support for the organization and its foster care program, which serves as the successor to Casey Family Services in Lowell.

United Teen Equality Center
$75,000 for a new social enterprises program providing workforce training for high-risk youth. (Projected additional support of $25,000 in 2014.)

United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley
Boston, Massachusetts
$25,000 for relocation costs associated with an office move to downtown Lowell.

The Wish Project
$20,000 as a no-interest loan (or program-related investment) in support of the organization’s new mattress recycling program benefiting families making the transition from homelessness to stable housing.

Subtotal Human Services: $340,000
Percentage of total: 35

Membership Organizations

Associated Grant Makers, Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts

Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees
Sebastopol, CA

Council on Foundations, Inc.
Arlington, Virginia

Subtotal Membership Organizations: $8,449
Percentage of Total: 1


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